The Captain of AirAsia flight brought his passengers to fits of gifggles when he deliverd one of the most entertaining pre-take off announcements we're ever heard!

from Fiza Rashid Facebook
A recording of the bilingual announcement was posted on Facebook by Izwah Ibrahim on 5th June. It has since gone viral with more than 478k views and 14k shares at time of writing!

The Captain of the flight, believed to be Shahirul 'Alim a.k.a Captain Shaha had everyone tickled pink when he started off with a joke about the in-flight mean service.

"Two things will happen once we start service. Number one, the smell may flow through the cabin, that is normal. Number two, the smell is you don't have to worry about that. But if you need to check with the cabin crew on their meal cart, you can always do that"

...before launching into a suprise pantun empat kerat about cup noodles:

Pendek sangat masa penerbangan,
Makanan yang dijual barangkali tak banyak pilihan,
Yang dijual mungkin mee dalam cawan,
Cepat dimasak sedap dimakan

As he update passengers on weather conditions and take-off details, Captain Shaha managed to slip yet another pantun into his delightful announcement!

Perut lapar mencari nasi,
Jangan dilupa sambal terung,
Maklumat penerbangan saya dah kongsi,
Jangan kata kapten tak payung.

According to Izwah, the captain made several announcements during the flight, often starting with - "This is your tour guide speaking".

"He was really like a tour guide coz he told us what we could see below depending on which side of the aircraft we were seated" she wrote.

Others who have previously flown with the captain said that he does the same in most of his flights, and even steps out of his cockpit to see passengers off upon arrival.

from Ri Kin Facebook

Man..we hope we'll get to fly with Captain Shasa too!

AirAsia flights can be a lot of fun, coz this is not the first time passengers were duly entertained while thousands of feet in the air!

You can listen to his hilarious annoucement here:

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