NOW IN 108 COUNTRIES! GET YOUR POCKET WIFI NOW! you can totally active with your sosial media apps, google maps, airbnb apps, youtube or any travel apps inside your smart handphone 24 hours a day in 108 countries!!

So guys...booked your POCKET WIFI here in Malaysia before you go travel abroad! Why you need to bring this Pocket Wifi along during your travel?

1. Can share WIFI with your friends up to 8 smart handphone/tablets
2. Fix Price
3. No hidden fees
4. No rental deposits
5. No need to copy your passport
6. Covered 108 countries with best price!

So...what are you waiting for?? Booked this pocket wifi now before others grab it.
Remember..only limited units available for each countries.

Act Now!

Read Here for more info and how to book.

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