I think this a good tips from him! 
Frankly, he's damn good in his planning and ideas!

Tony Fernandes's top 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs


1) You don’t need to know everything
I came from the music business. I knew nothing about planes. To all the entrepreneurs out there, you don’t need to know everything about what you want to do. It’s all about the idea, it’s about passion, it’s about implementing it.

2) Just Do It!
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. You’ve got one life, so you can’t press the rewind button and say ‘I wished I had done that.’ So I recommend to all of you out there, just do it. Live your life to the utmost, be positive. 

If you fail, at least you have tried.I have failed miserably at Formula One, but I have no regrets because I got to stand with the greats from Ferrari, McLaren, and others.

3) Passion is a Key Problem-Solver
Dreams do come true. Don’t worry about failure. You have one life, make the most out of it. Nine times out of 10, if you have the passion, you will find a way to work through it.

4) Invest in Marketing
If you have the greatest idea in the world, please, please, please put some money on marketing. This is because if you don’t put money on marketing, nobody is going to hear about your great idea.

There are so many great ideas that never took off because of a lack of marketing. Marketing is not about the dollars, it is also about public relations (PR). In AirAsia, we had no money. So I ran around with a red cap on and said controversial things so that the press would always take a picture of me. That was our marketing in AirAsia’s early days. We have been through so many issues, and marketing played a key role in overcoming them.

Remember SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome)? At that time, nobody wanted to fly; we all thought we are going to die. Everyone cut their advertising, but I told my guys not to cut because this was the best time to build our brand. In fact, we tripled our advertising and everyone looked at me and said, “Are you on drugs?” I said, no, it is the best time because no one else is advertising.

When the first Bali bomb attack happened, everyone cancelled their flights. I said to the guys, we cannot let the Bali route die. We must continue to fly.

So we came up with ‘Love Bali’ campaign, giving away 10,000 free seats, and it worked. All 10,000 seats were snapped up in like under one minute. And all those who got those seats told all their friends about it on social media. Your best advertisement is your customers.

5) Leverage Social Media
When Malaysians get a good deal, they will tell the whole world about it. So the 10,000 people who went and had a good time in Bali, told 10,000 people that they had a good time. That was the early gestation of AirAsia’s social media.

We realised the power of social media very early on, so when Facebook and Twitter came up, we latched onto them. We were early adopters. We now have 32 million people on our various social media platforms, and 7 per cent of our business comes directly from social media.

The Bali campaign taught us that our best advertisements are our customers.

6) Don’t be scared of complaints
Complaints are actually free market research. Someone took the effort to write to you to tell you where things went wrong and how they should be improved. These are things that companies pay a lot of money for consultants to tell them that same thing. So we treat every email preciously.

7) Focus on one image when it comes to branding
During the early days, there was the word ‘AirAsia’ and a logo of a bird in our branding. If you look at the top brands in the world, there’s only one image that comes to your mind. When I say “Shell,” you think of the Shell logo. When I say “Coca-Cola,” you think of the word ‘Coke’ in italics, and when I say “Nike,” you think of the swoosh.

So, back to our earlier AirAsia brand, we said drop the bird – we felt it was facing the wrong way anyway – and we used ‘AirAsia’ as our logo. Just one image. Why spend double the money to promote two images?

We also dropped the blue and the green colours. I tried very hard not to go with red, because everyone thinks that I want to be Richard Branson [the Virgin Group founder and Fernandes’ former boss] ... but it was the best colour, so we picked red.

So yes, the colour does make a big difference!

8) Go on the ground
What I used to do – although I don’t do this anymore – was that once a month, I would carry bags, I would be a cabin crew [member], and also at the check-in counter. I did this for two reasons. The first is that you can’t be an effective CEO (chief executive officer) unless you go on the ground to experience the real situation.

Here’s a true story. The baggage handling team told me that they needed belt loaders. I told them, “No, we can’t buy that as it’s too expensive.”

So one day when I was tasked to carry bags, they put me on one of the Indonesia flights. People who fly with us generally bring their house with them, but people who fly to Indonesia bring their neighbour’s house as well!

So there was a lot of bags. I broke my back in the process, and I told my team that they were right and I was wrong, and let’s buy the belt loaders.

If I didn’t do that [go on the ground] and just sat comfortably in the office, I would have made a wrong decision, damaged a lot of bags, and probably started a union.

The second reason [for going on the ground] is that I wanted to look for talent. I wasn’t looking for the talents from Oxford or Cambridge, I was looking for the Grade 3 SPM [O Levels equivalent] kind of guys who needed a second chance.

9) Never underestimate the potential of your staff
I broke all the rules in terms of hiring people. To me, as long as you have a dream, you can do anything. There was an ex-cabin crew member – she came up to me one day and told me that her dream was to become a pilot. I told her to go for it.

Then she called me up one day and asked if she could take part in the Miss Thailand [beauty pageant], and I told her okay, as long as I get to use her photographs in our marketing materials.

She won the [Miss Universe Thailand] pageant and recently became a captain – so we are the only airline in the world with a Miss Thailand flying with us.

The moral of the story is that we have such a flat structure that she was able to tell me what her dreams were, and we were able to make a raw diamond into a diamond.

Another one of my boys, a baggage handler in Kuching, told me he wanted to become a pilot. I told him to go for it. He passed all the exams ... he had the top marks in the flying academy. Today, he is a captain.

We have many of such stories at AirAsia. Your biggest assets, besides your ideas, are your people – because at the end of the day, it is the people who will deliver your ideas.

10) Data is king
We have a huge amount of data that we don’t know what to do with it, but everyone else wants our data ... so we figured it must be something very valuable and there must be an opportunity there.

We are investing in a few ventures. We plan to launch our own version of TripAdvisor, a travel dongle, a new YouTube-type of channel and more – data will be playing an essential role in these ventures. Data will be king!

Source:  https://www.digitalnewsasia.com


Travel Tips:
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Fuhhh...Angkor Wat ni kalau korang tak gi tengok or lawat..rasanya tak sah! Angkor Wat ni gak antara salah satu kawasan bersejarah yang telah digezetkan sebagai Khazanah Dunia (UNESCO). Keluasan area Angkor Wat ni dalam lingkungan 5.5KM persegi...luasss tuu!

But sadly, agak malang bagi sesiapa yang belum pernah sampai ke sini or yang baru nak plan travel ke Siem Reep ni sebab pengurusan Angkor Wat ni telah decide untuk naikkan harga tiket kemasukan ke Kompleks Bersejarah Angkor Wat ni dengan kenaikan sebanyak almost 80%!
Phewww banyakkk tuu...

Kalau sebelum ni, harga Entry Pass adalah:

1. 1 Day Pass - USD20 increase to USD37 (RM163+)
2. 3 Day Pass - USD40 increase to USD60 (RM265+)
3. 1 Week Pass - USD62 increase to USD72 (RM319+)

Amboiii..kemain mahal lagi tuuu..adehhh...nilai RM yang makin susut pun menjadi antara penyumbang terasa mahal  kot...

Harga Entry Pass baru ni akan mula berkuatkuasa bermula February 2017

So, amat berbahagialah pada sesiapa yang dah pun merasa jejak kaki ke kawasan binaan bersejarah Angkor Wat ni, kira selamat la kan sebab dah pergi. But pada yang baru plan nak pergi tu..hurmm kena pikir pasal cost ticket yang naik mencanak plak nii...hadehhhh.... #matilanakkkk

Happy Travel Guys and Travel Safe!


Travel Tips:
If travel alone, bleh beli local sim card kat airport or kat city. But if travel ngan kengkawan, better sewa Pocket Wifi siap-siap dari Malaysia sebab lagi jimat dan bleh share-share bayar sewa. Sewa pocket wifi lagi murah dan jimat if travel secara berjemaah.


Wahhh..kompem dah ramai yang dah plan untuk keluar bercuti nanti, especially yang plan untuk next school holiday nanti. Yehaaaaa! Dan sah-sah la benda yang tak kurang penting jugak adalah cara korang pilih tempat penginapan semasa korang kat sana nanti, kann..kannn.. Takkanla nak tido free kat masjid...hadoiiii...

So based pada sendiri punya experience dan dicampur-adukkan dengan pengalaman kengkawan, ada la beberapa tips yang maybe korang bleh gunakan semasa korang nak book hotel nanti. Tak kira la, korang nak travel dalam negeri or luar negara...cewahhhh!

So meh aku nak share cara aku and my colleagues carik hotel...mareyyyy baca...FOC je ni...

1. Check Location Elok-Elok
Abam-abam dan adik manis sekalian, apa tujuan korang nak pergi ke negara tu? Kita amik contoh  la, andaikan korang plan nak pi Japan la kan. Mesti korang ada main agenda why korang decide nak gi Japan, yer dok? Contohnya korang plan ke Japan sebab nak tengok bunga Sakura ke, or maybe sebab nak main salji kat sana or maybe sebab nak lepak kat Disneyland or Universal Studio. So simple jer, tu adalah main agenda korang. First carik mana tempat yang korang bleh enjoy bunga Sakura tu puas-puas. So jangan malas bukak map, check location kawasan Sakura yang terhebat di Japan. 

Okey, dah jumpa? So..bila dah dapat location taman Sakura tu, then semak balik map tadik. Carik hotel yang berdekatan. Cari yang dekat dengan public transport seperti train. Or if jaraknya bleh jalan kaki kurang dari 5KM, itu lagik awesome bebehhh! Bulat-bulatkan hotel yang berdekatan dengan taman Sakura tu. Get it? Cewahhh cakap mat saleh la plak...puiii...hehehhe. Nak lebeh awesome, carik hotel yang berdekatan stesen train yang senang untuk korang jalan-jalan ke semua tempat yang dah korang plan dalam itinerary tu.... Macam yang aku cakap tadik la, jangan malas untuk google! Jangan nak harap kat travel agency je yobbbb... Banyak duit bleh korang save kalau korang bijak plan sendiri.

2. Check/Survey Hotel
Haaa yang ni pun tips yang amatlahhhh berguna. Dah jumpa dah ke beberapa hotel pilihan berdasarkan lokasi trip korang tu? Jap..japp..jangan book dulu beb! Cer zoom-in kan lagi map tu nanti, yang korang nampak hanyalah beberapa hotel yang besar je tu. Kalau korang zoom-in kan lagi map-map kat Google Map or kat Agoda or kat Booking.Com, korang pasti akan jumpa beberapa hotel lagi kat situ dan hanya boleh nampak kiranya korang zoom-in lagi dekat! 

Before ZOOM-IN Map

After ZOOM-IN Map

Haa..time ni la korang bleh compare mana satu hotel yang osemmm. Tak semestinya hotel tu 3,4 star...hotel tu hebat! And banyak kali dah aku stay yang hotelnya 2 star tapi kat dalam...phewwww tahap 5 bintang beb!

One more, masa survey hotel tu..jangan lupa baca komen-komen dari pengunjung lain yang tak pernah stay kat situ. Take your times and baca betul-betul apa yang dorang komen and puji pasal hotel tu. Baca semua benda yang di bebelkan oleh pengunjung2 sebelum ni, then barulah korang bleh decide hotel tu ok or KO....am i right bebeh? Hehehe..

3. Kemudahan Hotel
Cer check apa benda yang korang bleh dapat dengan free kat hotel tu. Or maybe hotel tu ada discount kat certain-certain service. Cer check. Maybe hotel tu sediakan khidmat transit dari airport ke hotel, who knows? And jangan lupa sesekali cer tanya or email hotel tu samada dorang bleh pick up you all masa landed kat sana nanti. Aku dah penah email pasal ni kat hotel semasa travel ke Siem Reap itu hari. Dalam web hotel tu, xder pun dorang taruk free shuttle dari airport ke hotel. But oleh kerana aku ni suka bertanya, maka dengan ringan tangan aku email kat hotel tu dan tanya pasal benda-benda ni. And dorang rupanya ada kasik FREE Tuk-Tuk untuk pick-up aku dari airport ke hotel! See..kalau tak tanya, memang takkan tahu pun kan...kannn.. 

See...dorang kasik FREE je bile aku email and tanya elok-elok

Okey, then check la kat sana tu ada free WIFI ke tak? Kalau korang sewa kereta kat sana nanti, ada tak space untuk park kereta sewa korang tu? Free ke, kena bayar ke? And kalau yang travel ngan bebudak kecik, korang bleh check and request pihak hotel untuk dorang sediakan cerek ke untuk panaskan air untuk korang bancuh susu anak korang tu nanti, so takder la sampai sana baru nak terhegeh-hegeh nak pikir camner nak masak air!

Check apa lagi benda yang dorang kasik. Kalau dorang dah kasik towel tu, so tak payahlah korang susah payah nak sumbat towel sendiri dari Malaysia ke dalam bag korang tu. Wat berattt beg jer kotttt.... Kalau korang pompuan yang cerewet, check betul-betul apa yang hotel tu ada macam sabun ke, pengering rambut ke, plug untuk shave ke..hapa keee..kan kannnn

4. Persekitaran Hotel
Yang ni pun korang kena rajin kaji, research bagai. Aku kerap guna Google Map Street View untuk tengok lokasi sekeliling hotel tu. Apa ada kat sebelah hotel? Manalah tahu silap-silap gaya korang sampai sana then baru korang tahu kawasan tu kawasan bukan-bukan ke apa ke. So, sila check!

Sila check sama, kalau bleh biarlah lokasi hotel tu dekat dengan kedai 24jam like 7-Eleven ke, senang nanti if urgent nak carik apa-apa ke. And carik dekat dengan punca makanan halal! Kan senang kalau malas nak masak megi, turun jerk ke kedai makanan halal tu! Kan sonanggggg tu! Pssstt..btw Maggi adalah makanan premium time kita travel, kan..kan...memang sedappp wehhh!

5. Filter Top 3 Hotel
Haa dah jumpa dah ke beberapa hotel yang korang rasa hebat masa survey tadik? So, listkan hotel-hotel tu. Pilih 3 hotel yang terbaik yang kena dengan selera korang. Pilih yang paling terbaik berdasarkan lokasi serta kemudahan yang dorang kasik. Jangan lupa shorlistkan berdasarkan budget korang. Jangan plak xder duit tapi nak stay kat Hilton Tokyo! Mau balik Malaysia nanti telanjang bogel sebab kena gadai macam-macam...haihhhh...heheheh

6. Booked!
Step ke-6 ni yang paling simple - BOOKED! Dah listdown and shorlist dah kan hotel2 tadik tu, bukak wallet and check budget. Then tanya laki or bini or kengkawan yang lain samada agreed or tak. If dorang semua agreed, terus je booked! Then bleh start dah wat plan itinerary!

Haa...camner nak plan itinerary? Baca jerk kat sini...

SO, senang jer kannn nak pilih tempat korang nak stay? Yang penting kena rajin-rajin google..rajin-rajin bertanya kat kengkawan and jangan malas-malas nak do some research kat tempat mana yang korang plan nak travel tu...

Psss..Jangan lupa check dalam web, camner ngan bilik mandi kat hotel tu..Hehe sebab skarang trend bilik mandi yang ada glass lut-cahaya! Klau travel ngan family or kengkawan, memang sampai sudahla korang akan segan untuk mandi sebab kengkawan/family korang bley nampak susuk bayang tubuh korang time korang mandi! Hehehe..lau gi ngan anak-anak, lagik laaa segannn! But kalau gi bedua je laki-bini..then its okeyyy...Aummmm!! Hahaha

Happy Travel! XOXO!


Travel Tips:

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As per satu rencana yang tersebar meluas ni media sosial yang mengatakan negara Malaysia pun termasuk dalam senarai list negara yang di'blacklistkan' oleh Kerajaan Amerika - ternyata berita tu hanyalah satu khabar angin.

Disebabkan oleh berita yang heboh berkisar di media sosial ini, maka satu press statement or kenyataan media telah dikeluarkan oleh America Embassy di Kuala Lumpur semalam:

"The Executive Order signed by President Trump on Jan 27 stands as it was issued. Malaysia is not on the list of countries affected by the Executive Order. Malaysians can continue to travel to the United States with a valid visa"

Setakat pada hari ini, senarai yang sebelum ini dikeluarkan oleh US masih kekal pada 7 buah negara Islam:

1. Syria

2. Iraq

3. Iran

4. Libya